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Welcome to ECS, a school that is very proud of its students and their accomplishments. At ECS, apart from your class work, you will be able to explore an entire spectrum of opportunity and activity. There are sports in which you can develop and display your athletic talents. Drama and band that allow you to demonstrate creativity and flair, and a variety of clubs that let you pursue areas of personal interest, if not from A to Z, at least from astronomy to welding.

We invite you to become fully involved with as many of these activities as you can, because high school days are ones you remember for the rest of your lives. If you bring an enthusiastic, positive approach to school, and take an active part in what it has to offer, you will get so much more than if you simply come to classes because you must.

A school that has an active, involved, caring student body is an effective and happy school - a place that people look to as their own, a place that people want to be, and a place people are proud of. We want ECS to be such a school, and you can help make it happen.

At ECS we are committed to providing a quality education so that you have the opportunity to build a vibrant future for yourself. We believe the wide variety of courses and programs we offer gives everyone the chance to develop their potential. We hope your experiences here will make you proud of both yourself and your school, and when you leave ECS you do so knowing that you tried to be the best you can be. Remember, to pursue Excellence, you must make a Commitment to achieve Success.

James Jones -  Principal
Brian Wright - Vice-Principal
Craig Palmer - Vice-Principal